A very wet miserable Sunday saw our first home game of the new year, not ideal conditions for an important league game but true to form our boys did not disappoint.  Within the first minute Raife Lock slotted the ball in to the bottom left corner for an early goal. A period of strong passing and switching of play then saw Ben Romaine give us a 2-0 advantage, after several minutes, Cuckfield were able to score, despite some loud offsIde protests from several of our players which meant the half finished at 2-1.

The boys came out even stronger in the 2nd half and dominated the play, their persistence was rewarded with a goal from Enrique Andrade-Paris, which was headed on to him by Danny Howick from a perfectly placed Jamie Norris free kick, some quality football in any weather. They continued to lead the play and even with Cuckfield managing an unfortunate late goal, finished the game 3-2 winners, which meant their 3rd place in the league is cemented with games in hand.

Once again, there can be no single man of the match, with the level of play from every player being superb,  not one allowed the conditions to faze them and each showed the outstanding team spirit we ask of them every week.