Hope you are all well.

It is with great regret that this year’s club six-a-side tournament has now officially been
cancelled following discussions with all members of the BTEC committee. We have outlined
the key areas below which has brought us to this decision.

  • The safety of the players and everybody attending is our main priority
  • April is the main month that we hope to have a main sponsor in place to
    cover a large part of the costs (we have no sponsor in place)
  • Although we have 87 teams entered, we still have many spaces in the older
    age groups and have had no entries for 6 weeks.
  • Out of the 87 teams entered many still have not paid
  • We cannot continue to advertise an event if we have no detail if it will be
    allowed to play
  • Sussex FA have given no indication on when grassroots football can continue
  • When professional football begins after the 5 government tests it is certain this
    will be behind closed doors
  • It is almost certain when restrictions are lifted large gatherings will be the last
    to be allowed and we will have on average 1200 people on site each day
  • Cancelling now has cost us no money, cancelling in a month will incur costs
  • After researching other club tournaments within the area of Sussex and Kent
    a large number were cancelled last month.

On a positive note, our tournament proved extremely popular with entries prior to Covid-19
so we have no doubt we will come back next year and still put on one of the best
tournaments in the area.

I will be contacting league and county FA for an update after the latest statement from the

Our aim now, will be to organise a club day/evening in July/August if restrictions are lifted, to
present club awards and to bring all our players, managers, coaches and parents back
together so we can move on next season. If restrictions do not allow us to hold a large
event/get together we may have to consider organising smaller scale presentations for age
groups or teams individually. Your views via the website contact us page would be

Next seasons club signing on forms are now on the Club Website, however we will upload
the League form as soon as we have it.

Let’s be optimistic that we will start the season.
Please keep looking on this page for updates, and a competition for the players shortly.
Thank you for your continued support.

Stay safe and hope to see you all very soon.

Barnham Trojans