Some of my report today will be an update on the report given in May’s Presentation Day Programme. You will be aware that Terry Gaunt has handed over his responsibility’s as Secretary to Clive Warren. Clive is very much on a learning curve as they say and during the handing over period Terry has been dealing with a lot of admin requirements whilst Clive was/is learning the ropes. Of all the roles in the club the post of Secretary holds most responsibility, as Clive is fast learning. We know he will be ok and will serve this club well.

Terry is staying on as Registrations Secretary and Assistant Child Welfare Officer. We are pleased to say that Sarah Edwards has just completed her Child Welfare officer course and has taken over the lead role in that position in the club. Terry and me will be her back ups and assistants when needed.

The new season is now well under way and we can already see trends on how the teams are competing in their respective divisions and in the mini soccer competitions. Sadly, I have to report that we have had to deal with a couple of unsavoury incidents that occurred at matches and we really need to stress that Barnham Trojans will not hesitate to deal with anybody, players, parents and spectators who bring this club into disrepute by their behaviour.

We do have a full set of club rules and complaints, respect and equality procedures. If you feel you would like to see these then please contact either Clive or myself and we can email copies to you. They are FA approved.

It’s also a pleasure to report a success, the girls team that were recruited at the tail end of last season are fully up and running. They play in Division D of the ACYFL U12 age group. They do suffer with a shortage of players and they are coming away with some quite heavy defeats but, and it is a very big but, they are the most enthusiastic bunch of players we have seen in this club for many years and are a real credit to the club and themselves. To see the celebrations when they score a goal is an education.